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What is Sky is the Limit Festival?

Sky is the Limit Festival is the ultimate student festival of Twente. The festival has been organised twice before in an hangar of Airport Twenthe, where over 800 people were welcomed. The festival is organised fully by students with the goal to connect students from different schools with each other, and to motivate them to show their talents.

When and where will the next edition take place?

The festival will take place on the 28th of March at Hangar 11 on Airport Twente, from 16.00 until midnight. Please note that the doors will close at 18:30, so be sure to arrive early to maximize your time at the event.

What kind of music can I expect?

The festival will mostly feature house DJs, including both local student DJs from Twente and well-known artists from the Netherlands and beyond. The music selection will be selected especially for students to enjoy.

Can I become part of the organisation or become a volunteer?

Yes! We need both team members who help us organise the festival and volunteers that help throughout the day of the festival. The organisation is divided in 3 subteams: content creation, logistics and acquisition. For more information about joining one of these teams, please have a look at the 'Join the team' section of our website here. If you are interested in being a volunteer during the festival, we also have different options, including building up throughout the day, breaking down the day after, taking photos, ticket check, bartender among others. Please send an email to if you are interested.

Can I get food during the festival?

Definitely, we have foodtrucks were you can get something to eat.

Are you sustainable?

The goal of Sky is the Limit Festival is to have as little impact on the environment as possible. We try to focus on creating online content, and reusing banners from previous years. If we print something, we do it sustainable where possible. Next to that, we will use recyclable cups and make sure there are vegetarian options at our foodtrucks. Do you want to help us be more sustainable? Come to the festival by bike or public transport instead of taking the car!

Safety and accesibility regulations

The goal of Sky is the Limit Festival is for the event to be safe and accesible for everyone. Therefore the festival is wheelchair accesible, there is security available when one feels unsafe and on request there is a low-stimulus space for people that might be overstimulated. Next to that, when feeling unsafe, vulnerable or threatened, you can ask any of the staff members for 'Angela'. They will then take you to a safe area where you can explain what is happening.

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